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how to remove the musty smell from my evaporative cooler?

Nobody fancies being unreasonably warm if not hot. When it really is oppressive outside, you search to find some techniques to stay cool. A portable evaporative air cooler will do just that, keep you cool without running up your electric bill. With the ability to move it from one room to another is just on the list of great features of this type of unit. With a variety of types to select from, there will be one for nearly everyone's setting.

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evaporative cooler question by Joyce: how to remove the musty smell from my evaporative cooler?
I have just purchased an evaporative cooler. At first, the smell of the air was quite ‘plasticky’ but now it’s turned to a moist, musty smell. Does anyone has a similar experience and have some remedies to share?? Is there any cleaning agents I can pour into it to remove the smell? Eucaplytus oil, tea tree oil?? (yes, i m thinking of aromatherapy!! ha!) I hate the fact that it blows smelly air into my room! :(

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Answer by lizdylan2003
oxiclean! cleans anything..

Staying cool doesn't have to cost you a month's salary. When you employ a portable evaporative cooler, you will not only cool your surroundings more efficiently, but you will also save on utilities since it only uses a fraction of the electricity demanded when compared to a common air conditioning unit.

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  1. immortal_mario66 says:

    Two Things I Recommend From Being In The Field.
    1. A No Rinse Coil Cleaner
    2.Simple Green In Concentrated Form.

    Good Luck!

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