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Aerocool Cabinet for Pro Series Model # PD6802C – Down Discharge – TD4812C

Nobody enjoys being unreasonably warm if not hot. When it's sweltering outside, you search to discover some methods to keep cool. A portable evaporative air cooler is going to do just that, keep you cool while not running up your electric bill. Being able to relocate it from one room to a different one is simply one of the fantastic features of this type of unit. With many models to choose from, there's one for almost everyone's setting.

Aerocool Evaporative Cooler

Aerocool Cabinet for Pro Series Model # PD6802C – Down Discharge – TD4812C

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aerocool evaporative cooler

About the Aerocool TD4812C Cabinet for Pro Series Model # PD6802C – Down Discharge The Pro Series by Aerocool is a great way to get the cooling features and benefits of a high-efficiency evaporative cooler for less! Evaporative coolers require less maintenance and cost up to 40% less to operate than mechanical air conditioners. The Aerocool Pro Series Coolers use no harmful chemicals and uses a natural cooling method by use of evaporated water. The Aerocool Pro Series Evaporative Coolers come complete with a programmable Pro-Stat Thermostat which will automatically control your comfort settings while maximizing energy efficiency. During off-season and hot months, the Aerocool evaporative coolers incorporate Pro-Shield technology , prohibiting heat loss. All motors are pre-wired by the factory for an easier installation, and increased reliability. Media The Aerocool Pro Series uses a Pro-4×4 high efficiency media, providing the coolest air possible while employing the Pro-Clean to maintain the entire system. The Pro-Clean system automatically prevents build up of minerals as it flushes the system periodically with fresh water. Aerocool high-efficiency media delivers cooler air than any other media on the market today. Maintenance Maintenance is limited due to the Pro-Armor premiere single inlet cooler design with polymeric inner structure, protecting the inner wet section from corrosion. The low sump pump design requires less attention and is the most powerful pump on the market. Features: Pro 4×4 Media: Delivers the coolest air in th industry Pro-Armore: Polymeric inner structure completely shields wet section to prevent corrosion Easy Gravity Held Doors Pro-Stat Pogrammable Thermostat makes set up and adjustment easy. Saves money by regulating operation and to optimize comfort Low Sump pump design is more powerful than any other of it#39;s kind Pro-Clean System: Automatic cleaning makes maintenance easy and effortless Patented Flowmate

Aerocool Cabinet for Pro Series Model # PD6802C – Down Discharge – TD4812C

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Keeping cool doesn't have to cost you your month's pay. When you employ a portable evaporative cooler, you can not only cool your surroundings more effectively, but you can also save on the cost of utilities as it only uses a small amount of the electricity needed when compared to a popular air conditioning unit.

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